How to Make Your Firm Stand Out

Posted: Aug 02  |  By: Parker + Lynch

Competition is stiff in the accounting and finance world. You want to attract new clients and keep your old ones happy. Here are some ways that you can make your firm stand out in the crowd.

Provide exceptional service

It goes without saying that clients appreciate a job done accurately, promptly and efficiently. However, even when you have delays and mistakes, you can still create positive service experience. Clear communication about projects, whether simply checking in or delivering bad news, is key. Ensure that your staff is always professional and courteous to clients in every interaction.

Go the extra mile

It’s the little extras that will ensure that you stick in the heart and mind of your client. Get to know everyone as personally as you can and encourage staff working on the account to do the same. When you reach out to them, ask about their lives. Learn about their families and pets. Send them birthday and anniversary cards. Even when you aren’t actively working for them, stay in touch to let them know that they are still important to you.

Get client input

Find out from your existing clients what it is about your company that keeps them coming back. When the opportunity arises, speak with people who work with competitors to find out what you may be missing from your services. Use these conversations to help you build your business and make any necessary changes to your client approach.

Make your presence known

Get out into your community as a company and make your name known. Sponsor local sports teams and community events. Utilize community service days and take teams out to volunteer. You can also find appropriate professional speaking opportunities to share your knowledge. By putting a face to your business name, people will come looking for the familiar when they need to hire someone for help.

Invest in marketing

Marketing is very important in growing a business. If you’re uncomfortable with creating your own marketing goals and tactics, hire a professional to focus on what you should do and what may be effective in your area for marketing your business. This person can be internal to your staff or you can hire an agency. While there will be cost associated with this, consider the money spent as an investment in the growth of your company.

Making your firm stand out in a sea of accounting firms isn’t easy, but with some thought and attention to detail, you can establish a dominant presence.