Six Sunday Night Rituals Top Execs Swear By

Posted: Mar 31  |  By: Trey Gunn

The weekend is winding down and you’re gearing up for another busy week at work. You’ve got plenty of meetings, phone calls and due dates stacking up on your calendar, along with dozens of reports ready for review stacking up on your desk. Not to mention all of the emails that have come in since Friday evening. Some execs treat Sunday afternoon and evening as another workday. But losing that last bit of time off can be detrimental to your overall productivity. So, how do you prepare for the coming week without losing your mind before it even starts? We’re sharing our six favorite Sunday night rituals that top execs swear by.

Connect with Your Family

This doesn’t mean talking on the phone or checking email while your spouse and kids watch a movie. Really engage with them. Play a board game or go for a walk. This quality time, away from electronics, can really help you recharge, while also building stronger relationships with your family. The truth is, you probably have some late nights during the week and your family will really appreciate the extra, undivided attention.

Eat Your Vegetables

Sunday night dinner is the perfect time to kick off your week. Two glasses of wine, baked lasagna and slice of key lime pie might be really appealing, but they are sure to leave you feeling less energized in the morning. You’ll want to have all the extra oomph you can to be ready to tackle Monday. Eat a clean, healthy meal with lots of fruits and vegetables. And avoid excess alcohol (or, better yet, skip it). No case of the Monday blues for you.

Check Your Email

After you wrap up dinner, consider doing a quick check up on email. This might seem counterintuitive to everything we’ve said, but catching up on email is fine as long as you don’t allow it to turn into an all-night event. This is not the time to answer all of your emails, but rather to scan through the emails you’ve received since Friday. Note which ones need immediate attention on Monday morning or require something new to be added to your task list, and then quickly delete the spam. This is a great way to get organized for the upcoming week. Which leads us to #4.

Put a Plan in Place

Now that you’ve sorted through your email and have an idea of some additional tasks that need your attention, you can thoughtfully put together a plan. Look through your calendar and go through your to-do list. What should you tackle first? Can anything be moved to the following week? Loosely scheduling out your week can help even the most daunting task lists seem manageable. You’ll feel more confident about tackling the week ahead and you’ll be able to sleep well knowing that you have a handle on everything.


Once you’ve wrapped up email and have a plan in place, take the time to unplug. You’ll want to have a couple of hours to just relax and unwind. You don’t want to dwell on any work-related issues in your last few hours of weekend freedom. Instead, watch your favorite TV show or move onto #6.

Bury Your Nose in a Book or Article

Reading is a great way to wind down as your weekend comes to a close. Top execs say Sunday evening is when they catch up on some neglected topics. Choose reading material that is going to help motivate you or educate you on a topic that directly relates to your job or industry. Use the time wisely not only to relax, but also to step up your game and gain knowledge. Read something a bit lighter a few minutes before you’re ready for lights-out, though. You don’t want to be brainstorming all night long on how to implement that new project management process you just read about. And, whatever you do, make sure that what you read is finite in nature and doesn’t lead you down the rabbit hole of internet articles for hours on end. Books and printed periodicals are ideal for keeping a limit in place.

Whatever your Sunday night rituals look like, ensuring that you’re making the most of your time while soaking in the last bit of off time is crucial. Getting prepared, reenergized and ready to tackle your workload is easy when you’ve got a plan in place.