Take a post tax-season vacation

Posted: Apr 08  |  By: Parker + Lynch

Tax season is coming to a close and we want to help you recharge before you head into the rest of your year! For those of us who spend the vast majority of our time heavily entrenched in tax law, software and computer screens, it’s hard to find moments of peace, calm and tranquility where we’re not tethered to some form of electronic devices. Even when we’re off the clock, unwinding time usually involves staring at some kind of screen or gadget. But when you’re immersed in technology day in and day out, it’s vital to carve out time to disconnect and de-stress.

The benefits of a post tax-season vacation:

Taking the time to regularly clear your head, de-stress and recharge will help you excel at your job and find better balance in your own personal life. Research has shown low-tech or tech-free vacations can have immediate and tangible benefits, including:

Reducing unnecessary stress

Improving concentration and creativity

Increasing mental clarity and acuity

Improving your health

Promoting healthy and restful sleep

Fostering a healthy work/life balance


Enjoy the Benefits of Taking a Low-Tech Vacation

  • Productive and successful
  • Sleeps well
  • Has good posture
  • Enjoys leisure time

Suffering the Results of Not Taking a Low-Tech Vacation

  • Poor concentration
  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Has bad posture
  • Suffers from eye irritation and headaches

Best post tax-season vacations:

Here are some suggestions of where you can enjoy some low-tech and low-stress time away from the office:


80% of voters chose a cruise as the best place to unwind and de-stress after tax season. This is one of the easiest vacations to plan and while on-board, you don’t actually have to plan any of your activities…the cruise line does it for you! There are always quiet, cozy places to escape and if you’re not up for paying for Wi-Fi, it’s also a great way to completely unplug.

Private Island or Relaxation Retreat:

There is no wife so unplugging is obligatory! Many relaxation retreats even require guests to relinquish all forms of technology and don’t give any access to television. This makes being one with your surroundings mandatory.

Hit the Slopes:

Not up for the beach or tropical weather? Hit the slopes instead! A ski vacation offers tons of ways to unwind while getting some exercise. After being relegated to a desk and staring at a computer screen for the last few months, getting outdoors and into your snowsuit can be beneficial.


No surprise here. Camping allows you to step out of the office and into the outdoors. Plus, cell phone service is usually not accessible so you’re forced to unplug and unwind. Not super into bugs or the outdoors? Try Glamping! It’s a step up from your typical tent and still offers that outdoor retreat experience.

Do yourself a favor and listen to the health professionals. Taking a break from your day-to-day and distressing after a high productivity time of the year can set you up for success in the coming months.

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