Tax Day Appreciation for Your Staff

Posted: Apr 17  |  By: Trey Gunn

Tomorrow is the day that your staff has been working so hard to get to: Tax Day. After three-and-a-half months of grueling work, absurdly long hours, dealing with crazed clients, and digging through tax code and countless forms, they’ll finally be able to take a bit of a breather. After all, they deserve it! Here are some ideas of how you can show your staff that they’re appreciated.

Post Tax-Season Party

This one’s well-known, but always a great time. Get out of the office. Find a fun place to hang out as a team and unwind. This can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. Some teams simply find a nearby restaurant, get a big table, and enjoy some time hanging out. Some rent out the nearby indoor go-kart track, put together a corporate golf tournament, or do a company spa day. Simply cater the specifics to your team’s culture. And, of course, whatever you do, do it responsibly! You can easily set up an Uber event code, for example, to provide rides to your staff, depending on the nature of the festivities.

Close the Office

After a long season of bending over backwards for clients, why can’t the whole office just have a day off? Many firms close up shop for the whole day following Tax Day and treat it as a paid holiday. Others will sometimes do it on the Friday following Tax Day. Regardless, your staff will fully appreciate having a day for some R&R. Sometimes the best days are the ones with zero obligations. Of course, there may or may not be “honey-do” lists that need tending to, but that’s between them and their significant others!

Post-Tax Season Bonuses

Bonuses can be especially meaningful for your full-time salaried employees. Most of them—if not all of them—have likely been working 80 hours a week for the exact same paycheck they’ll get the rest of the year. So, a great way to show them that their hard work is appreciated is with a great post-Tax Season bonus. After all, most partners in firms are receiving their bonuses around late-April and firms are usually in pretty strong cash positions at this point. It’s a great time to share some of the spoils and build some rapport with your staff. They’ll appreciate it, they’ll feel a little more motivated, and you’ll enjoy a productivity boost through the slower months.

Gift Cards

If a bonus is off the table, but there’s still some available budget, why not get some gift cards for your team? The neat thing here is that you can be as vanilla or as creative as you like. Maybe you just go and get a bunch of prepaid Visas and call it a day. We’ve never met anyone who got mad about getting free money, so it’s probably a safe way to go. But, if you’re a little closer with your team, you may consider doing something a little more tailored. Maybe you know that Bob is a big fan of chain restaurants, Cindy wants to get a new putter from the nearby golf shop, Steve really enjoys pedicures, and Megan is a movie buff. It’s probable that gift cards can be found for all of those more specific interests. This will show that you know and care about them as people.

Post-Season Awards

These can be serious, goofy, or something in between, but it can be fun to present awards at a group outing. Surely you can come up with recipients for categories like “rising star,” “top biller,” “biggest coffee snob” (we always win that one), and “kitchen bomber” (for the person who always insists on heating up tuna in the microwave). Make it fun and make it about the team. Yes, this is cheesy, but sometimes, after all of the seriousness of Tax Season, a little Velveeta can be a good thing.

Whatever you do, pat yourself on the back for another well-fought Tax Season. You and your team deserve it! Make sure that their salaries reflect this good work to keep them on for next season by checking out our 2017 Salary Guide.