Why Work-Life Balance Fuels Top Financial Hiring

Posted: Sep 11  |  By: Parker + Lynch

It’s no secret that in order to hire top financial professionals, the salary you offer must be competitive. Our 2015 Salary Guide can help guide you on what compensation is appealing to potential financial candidates.

But, it’s not all about the salary. More than ever, top financial professionals can be very selective about the organization they work for. Clearly money is a motivator, but many professionals seek a dynamic professional environment that provides a greater sense of engagement.  One of the major driving factors for a candidate is a greater work-life balance.

When hiring top financial talent, flexibility is crucial for a candidate. Office time is a pivotal, but the ability to work around the traditional 9-5 will be essential for an employee to work in more engaged workplace.

What type of flexibility should your organization offer? Let’s hear from a real candidate. Meet Lindsey, a Financial Analyst!

A Financial Analyst analyzes past and present financial data of an organization and estimates future revenues and expenditures, applying principles
of finance. It requires a bachelor’s degree and 0-2 years of experience in the field or in a related area.

In the video below, Lindsey explains in an interview how an employer can achieve a great work-life balance:

Providing an employee the opportunity to work from home or designate a time frame to attend to their children is just one example of offering a great work-life balance for your organization.  Other options may include:

A mission to stay fit.

Some organizations have a gym located within their headquarters. If this is not achievable for your organization, potentially provide candidates with an extra hour to workout, or provide reimbursement for a gym membership.

An onsite cafeteria.

Once again, you may be limited to what your organization can provide. If this is not an option, there may be an opportunity to cater lunch once a month for your employees. This will not only benefit them, but the organization as well to potentially be used as a brainstorming session.

Planned events outside of the workplace.

A priority for a financial candidate is a friendly and comfortable work environment with their colleagues. This provides better communication, workflow, and overall production. Creating an event outside of work that brings together employees offers them a sense of pride and opportunity to get to know their colleagues outside of work. This event can even cater to your mission goals, whether it be voluntary service day for charity, weekend retreat, or an impromptu happy hour meet up.

To succeed in the increasingly competitive world of accounting and finance, you must be more than a one-dimensional professional. Today, the top people in our industry are those who align the technical skills required for the job with the right mix of social
 and professional characteristics that move
 an organization forward from a holistic perspective. This requires your organization to be multi-faceted when it comes to retaining top talent.

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