Hire Legal Professionals with Confidence in 2017

Posted: Nov 01  |  By: Parker + Lynch

Aligning with high-level legal professionals can be challenging. Equip your team with hiring confidence and expertise using the Parker + Lynch 2017 Salary Guide for Legal Professionals. 

The search starts by nailing down the job description, skills needed and salary requirements. Trends show that today’s most successful companies take a more well-rounded approach to the hiring process.

Top companies know the salaries that experienced, talented legal professionals expect. In order to align with these expectations, they read market insights, offer career paths and make sure potential new hires are a good cultural fit.

Here are a few examples of positions in top legal areas, along with average compensation and the skills necessary for a candidate to be considered for these roles:

1.eDiscovery/Litigation Support Manager

Oversees the support provided to the organization’s litigation efforts through the use of technology. Requires a bachelor’s degree and at least 5-7 years in the field.

Average Salary Range: $104,849-$111,067

2. General Counsel

Oversees and identifies all legal issues throughout an organization, including governance and policy making. At least 10 years of experience.

Average Salary Range: $199,061-$659,264

3. Senior Counsel

Provides primary legal support for the client  and supervises counsel as appropriate. Requires a juris doctor, state bar admission and at least 8 years of experience.

Average Salary Range: $152,204-$288,287

4. Staff Attorney

Provides legal services to clients and supervising attorneys. Requires 3 years of experience and a juris doctor.

Average Salary Range: $78,675-$119,440

As the experts in high-level legal staffing, we offer salary data, job descriptions and market insights that are unparalleled in their accuracy, in order to help law firms and legal departments attract and hire the very best professionals.

Our 2017 Salary Guide is valuable resource as your foundation for hiring and retaining the legal professionals that your law firm or corporate legal department needs.