Infographic: Find Alignment in Your Next Hire

Posted: May 21  |  By: Parker + Lynch

Hiring the right candidate for your workforce can mean all the difference when it comes to efficiencies and revenue growth for your organization. Turnover and the cost of a bad hire can be devastating blows to an accounting or finance department, as we learned through our recent bad hire calculator tool. 

Our newest infographic provides proven hiring practices, behavioral interview questions and tips for finding soft skills in your candidates. It should be your top priority to find talent that not only fits the job you need to accomplish, but that fits with your organization’s corporate culture. In order to do this, you must know the right questions to ask – and how to ask them.

Finding the right candidate can reduce turnover and save you money.

Understanding what skills are necessary for your open positions is step one. Don’t just assume that every candidate needs to be a “team player.” Some introverted candidates may actually be a better fit for a position that requires detail oriented and sometimes monotonous tasks. However, some soft skills are always in demand. For example, the ability to influence, self awareness and capacity to learn are great traits for all financial candidates to possess – no matter what the position.

When you do find the perfect fit for your organization, don’t lose out by offering an inaccurate salary or compensation. Know the national finance and accounting salary averages by downloading a free copy of the 2019 Parker + Lynch Salary Guide today!



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