Infographic: Top 10 Careers For Accounting & Finance in 2014

Posted: Apr 22  |  By: Parker + Lynch

In the accounting and finance world, being current isn’t enough. To really succeed, you need to stay one step ahead of the latest rules and regulations, technology requirements and the competitive landscape. However, to do all that, you need the right people on your side, and that requires staying a step ahead of the hiring market.

Our new infographic can help. We explore the ten most in-demand jobs in accounting and finance for 2014.

The right accounting and finance experts are in demand.

Every day, the rules and regulations impacting businesses change — and these changes are not just limited to the big headline-grabbing reforms like Dodd-Frank, SOX and the shift from GAAP to IFRS. While those are enough to keep any compliance-focused business leader busy, they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

That’s why so many companies are investing in their accounting and finance workforces while making it a priority to hire and retain the specialists they need to ensure compliance and profitability. As a result, more businesses are competing for the same limited pool of candidates within the top ten careers, and these roles are becoming increasingly harder to fill.

Who are they?

To find out exactly which roles these were, Parker + Lynch took an in-depth look at our recent recruiting and placement activity. Based on a careful analysis by our own staffing experts and salary information provided by CareerBliss, we uncovered the ten most in-demand accounting and finance professionals for the year ahead.

Check out our infographic to find out which careers made the list and to learn more about the salary figures qualified people in these roles expect to earn.

For more detailed salary insight on hundreds of accounting and finance positions, including salary variances for your local area, request your free copy of the 2014 Parker + Lynch Salary Guide today!

Infographic: Insights on the Top 10 Careers For Accounting & Finance in 2014

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