5 Ways to Build Your Resume in the New Year

Posted: Jan 03  |  By: Parker + Lynch

The new year is a great time for reflection and review, both personally and professionally. Now is a perfect opportunity to update your resume. See where you can fill in gaps and make yourself more appealing to any potential future employers. As you’re setting up your personal plan for the new year, focus on activities that will add to your resume. Schedule in some opportunities that can help you plan for an exciting future. Even if you are not in the market for a job now, a strong resume is always a great asset. Here are five ways to build your resume.

1. Become More Well Rounded

If your resume seems to be one achievement and accolade after another in your specific industry, try branching out. Learn a new language or acquire a new skill set that could make you stand out from other candidates. Extracurricular activities like music and drama groups, team sports, and membership clubs are not just for high schoolers. The dedication required to participate in these activities while also maintaining your reputation as a hard worker speaks volumes to potential employers.

2. Take a Continuing Education Course

Continuing Education courses are a great way to build your resume. You can learn new skills or refresh yourself on information that may have changed over the years. These courses will not only help improve your resume, but will also make you more valuable at your current job. In some cases, your current employer will reimburse you for continuing education classes, meaning you have nothing to lose.

3. Volunteer to Learn New Skills

Experience doesn’t always come from a paid position. In addition to showing your philanthropic side, volunteering can help you build skills outside of your normal job duties. Many times, those who are in lower level positions in the office can begin to gain leadership experience by working with a volunteer organization. Look around for a cause that speaks to you and jump in to help out.

4. Build Relationships with Potential References

Creating solid relationships with people who understand your worth and value your hard work is important to building a solid resume. From clients to coworkers and even others within your industry, look for people with a solid reputation of their own and develop a rapport. That way, when you apply for a new position, you will have concrete and relevant references to speak to your experience.

5. Participate in Events that have Networking Possibilities

Networking events are one of the most productive things you can do for your career development. Attending them can help you identify the other four resume builders on our list. These events allow you to connect with your professional peers. Those connections can help you identify professional groups to join, useful certifications to have, ways to volunteer and connections to make. In addition, you’ll meet people across a number of different businesses, allowing you to get your name out there to various potential hiring managers.  As you learn about openings that interest you, you can share your expertise with the group and hopefully have a better chance of being selected for your choice position.

It’s the start of a new year. Make it a year of self-improvement, especially with your potential career opportunities. By building your resume, you will set yourself up for a successful future. If you’re looking to make a move, check out the top 10 accounting and finance jobs for 2018.