What Makes a Good In-House Hire

Posted: Jun 08  |  By: Parker + Lynch

in-house lawyers

Parker+Lynch was recently featured in an article on Corporate Counsel to discuss what makes a good, in-house hire. For the last decade, William Alberts, the recently appointed general counsel of San Antonio-based cloud computing company Rackspace Inc., has been heavily involved in the company’s hiring process for in-house lawyers. Alberts naturally has some thoughts on what makes a good in-house hire.

Rather than simply interview Alberts, Corporate Counsel proposed something a little different. Corporate Counsel asked Alberts and the legal department’s go-to recruiter, Jennifer Kohl of Parker & Lynch, to walk through a recent hiring decision and explain why Rackspace recruited the candidate they did. One lesson that emerged: with in-house jobs, sometimes personality and passion are more important than directly relevant experience.

Read the full article, titled “What Rackspace Wants in an In-House Hire,” to learn more about how Rackspace was able to find the right in-house candidate thanks to the expertise of Parker & Lynch. “One lesson that emerged: sometimes, with in-house jobs, personality and passion is more important than directly relevant experience.”

What Rackspace Wants in an In-House Hire first appeared on Corporate Counsel June 2, 2016.