How to Stay Sharp for The Next Job Search

Posted: Nov 22  |  By: Parker + Lynch

Even when you’ve found the perfect position, keeping “what if” in the back of your mind is important. Life can be full of surprises, no matter how secure you are in your current position. Therefore, you should always be prepared for an unexpected job search. Management shakeups, downsizing, necessary relocation or other life changes could be lurking around any corner. Keeping your resume, job search skills and industry knowledge fresh is crucial to maintaining security.

Update Your Resume Annually

Nothing is more stressful than needing to search for a new job and realizing that your resume is hopelessly outdated. Choose a specific time of year to update your resume. Add any new job skills and accolades you’ve acquired. Also, update information about certification and trainings and ensure that all contact information is current.

Scan Job Postings Periodically

Even if you aren’t currently in the market for a new job, it can help to occasionally skim job listings. This will keep your finger on the pulse of the industry climate. You’ll know which positions are available, which job skills are currently desired, and how you would stack up against the competition. It can also be beneficial to stay abreast of starting salaries and other pertinent information.

Research Changes to Job Search Techniques

Having a working knowledge of current job search best practices will help you to dive right in when it’s time to begin your next job search. Learn how to leverage social networking sites to help with professional advancement. Bookmark professional recruitment sites focused on your industry that have promising leads. Stay in the know by occasionally attending networking events and talking with peers to share information and stay informed.

Stay on Top of Training and Certifications

Make career development a priority and stay up to date on training and certifications. Every industry changes over time, so be sure that your personal skill set and education is up to date. By taking advantage of continuing education programs and updated trainings, you will make sure that your education is relevant and that you are prepared for the requirements of any possible new position.

In a perfect world, finding the right job, advancing to reach your potential and staying through to retirement would be the norm. However, nothing is ever perfect, so keeping your job search skills and industry knowledge sharp can help you if an unexpected situation arises. By preparing to look for work even when it isn’t necessary, you will have security and peace of mind that you will be financially stable for your future.