Why I love my recruiting career

Posted: Mar 15  |  By: Parker + Lynch

By Jonathan Kone, Division Director

My experience working for this company has been one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences of my working career. I was hired here 6 years ago as a “fresh faced” twenty-six year old, who was looking for a job that would allow me to achieve my own monetary goals as well as the opportunity to grow within an organization and establish a career, while also contributing to the greater good of my hometown.

Aligning achievements with growth

This company, and especially my position, afforded me the chance to surpass these initial goals and reach heights that I never thought possible. Over the course of these six years, I have had the honor of being recognized nationally for my own achievements as well as that of our local office, and have been supported every step of the way by all of my colleagues – both locally and nationally – and have been promoted to Division Director. This new role in my career has allowed me the greatest pleasure of all – to offer this opportunity to others who are looking for the same opportunities I was given when I joined the company and share with them the experience of working for a truly great company.

What makes my career rewarding?

Watching these colleagues achieve, and most times, surpass both their personal and company goals has been the greatest opportunity of all.

Whether it’s providing employment opportunities to candidates they are passionate about, surpassing company benchmarks, seeing them fully realize their potential and becoming a true career consultant, watching their excitement as their name is recognized nationally for their achievements, surpassing their personal financial goals, being viewed by their clients as a true consulting partner or being provided an avenue (and the support of a global organization) to give back to their community, charity of choice or country. These are a few of the many things that make this company so great. From personal experience, these opportunities are not available at most companies – we would know – and this is what truly makes our jobs more fun.

A workplace that aligns you with endless opportunities

For anyone in search of a career with a company where you have unlimited opportunities, uncapped income potential, hardworking and supportive management, executives and peers and to be a voice that is not only heard, but valued, Accounting Principals, Ajilon and Parker +Lynch are the place to be.

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