Four Major Benefits of Delegation

Posted: Jul 26  |  By: Parker + Lynch

Like everyone in a position of authority, you have a list of responsibilities that is longer than your arm. There is so much to get accomplished in a day that you simply run out of hours. Each of your tasks is of high importance, so you simply must do them yourself, right? Wrong. Delegation is the answer.

An effective manager knows when and how to delegate the important items on his or her agenda to ensure that everything is done in a timely manner without overtaxing any single person. Delegation is more than just taking some things off your plate so that you feel less overwhelmed. There are several major benefits that can be seen all across the company. Here are just a few of the positive results that you will see when you choose to distribute tasks to your employees, rather than trying to accomplish everything singlehandedly.

Boosts trust and morale.

Your staff is there to support you and the company. When you hoard projects and stay wrapped up in tasks, the exhaustion and frustration you feel will carry over to your employees. When you select someone to take on a portion of a project or to take over a mundane task that is eating up your time, you are putting your trust in them to get the job done right. Any good employee will want to prove that the trust you have given them is well placed. If employees feel that you trust them, this will boost morale.

Builds skills in your employees.

Having team members who have the skills and practice to handle tasks on your behalf is a major asset. Provide training that will put them on that level. These skills will advance your staff’s career potential, which is a personal boost. It also puts them in a position to be a greater asset to your company.

Increases productivity.

Items will be crossed off the project list much more quickly when the entire team is involved in getting things done. This will result in receivables being completed well ahead of deadlines, which will make clients happy. It will also give you something positive to discuss at your next board meeting.

Delegation is strategic.

Today’s project is certainly not the last one you’ll have on your plate. Through the delegation of tasks, you will have more time to assess the next project on your list. You’ll then be able to be more strategic as you move onto the next project. The more you’re able to plan, the more smoothly it will run.

While there will always be things on your list that must remain with you as a manager, delegation is your greatest tool in project management. You will be streamlining production, likely increasing your team’s output, as well as building a better workplace for your employees.